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torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

Webcast: Cyber Security - It's not just about technology (8.4.2014 kello 14:00-15:00 Eastern Time, kello 7-8 suomen aikaa)

Mikäli Kyberturvallisuus kiinnostaa, kuuntele KPMG:n webcast aiheesta. Webcasting kuuntelemisesta saa myös CPE pisteitä, joita tarvitaan muun muassa CISSP ja CISA tutkintojen yllöpitoon.

Cyber Security - It’s not just about technology
Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. ET

Technology has truly empowered the customer and is rapidly changing the consumer industry. All digital channels, as well as brick and mortar, need to come together to provide a seamless brand and shopping experience. At the same time, this compelling technology can clearly be disrupted and companies are increasingly vulnerable as a result of technological advances. Threats from cyber criminals and “hacktivists” are growing in scale and sophistication. Security breaches continue to be on the rise, leading to unparalleled business impact. 

Focusing on technology alone to address these issues is not enough. Effectively managing cyber risk means putting in place the right governance and the right supporting processes, along with the right enabling technology. This webcast will provide participants with a concrete model they can use to assess their organization’s cyber maturity and to implement sustainable cyber security practices.

Presenters Tony Buffomante and Dennis Van Ham, from our Information Protection Services team will discuss:

  • Evolving cyber threats – what is new?
  • The cyber landscape: how consumer organizations are responding
  • The Cyber Maturity Assessment: how to find answers to “Are we prepared?” and “How safe are we?”
  • Immediate action items – 10 key questions to determine next steps
Please note: Participants may earn one CPE credit for this audio Webcast.
If you would like to attend, please click here to register:

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