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lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2012

Syyskuun parhaat tietoturvalinkit

Submarine cable map and landing points
Passively tapping CAT5
Using facebook as a proxy
America’s draft cybersecurity executive order leaked
Masters thesis on offensive cyber capabilities
Whos who of Middle east targeted malware
Exploit magazine
Wolfram alpha releases a tool to analyse facebook data
Microsoft security update guide – for IT security professionals to better understand the update release information, processes etc
NSA hardening guides (Linux, Windows, iOS, OSX)

Incident responce
NIST Computer Security Incident Handling Guide
 Modify SetRegTime
Hacked – now what? SANS paper

Murtautumistekniikat ja muut tekniikat
Privilege escalation through suspended virtual machines
Is your SMB bruteforcer lying to you? Valid credentials might not always be reported as such.
Defcon CFT write ups
CryptOMG – CFT for exploiting crypto flaws
Read the first walkthrough for a good idea of the sort of stuff in there – padding oracle attack
Bypassing Windows ASLR
Delivering custom payloads with Metasploit using DLL injection
Web security labs to be released soon
Windows 8 forensics
Reversing MAC OS X

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