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sunnuntai 30. syyskuuta 2012

Syyskuun parhaat tietoturvalinkit - Osa 2

Pentest työkalut
Metasploit 0-day for IE7, 8 and 9
Cobalt strike is updated with CovertVPN. Has anyone tried this tool yet?
IPv6 toolkit – from Fernando Gont, UK CPNI
Powershell scripts for pen testers
Also another – with a cool Inject-shellcode script
Reverse IPv6 tool
Some nice windows tricks
Nice tool to analyse network traffic – except I don’t think it is released yet
Cracking putty private keys with JTR
For those with a Teensy – Kautilya has been updated with more OS X payloads
Hiding your shells
Open hardware security testing platform
Kon-boot for Mac – login to OSX without knowing the password
Updated Nikto tool released
QubesOS – secure operating system. Each application runs in its own lightweight VM
Binwalk – extract embedded files from .bin files
Aircrack Gui
With video
An exe, pdf, Jar and HTML file, all in one. Not sure if this would be useful o anyone – but just in case
Especially dangerous when combined with this...
Artillery – Advanced active response tool for detecting attackers
Useful list of cheatsheets
Finally – new BURP released – which includes the documentation within itself

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