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torstai 2. elokuuta 2012

Elokuun parhaat tietoturvalinkit


All of the latest vulnerabilities each week

Finding bugs faster with a webmatrix local reference instance – Toby Clarke (former KPMG UK pentester)

Summer of breach – overview of the breaches so far this summer

Exploiting Windows 8 Apps

Exploit mitigation improvements in Windows 8 (BH)

Ubisoft Uplay exploit

Chasing APT – Interesting read

TeamCymru reading room – some useful templates for securing routers and servers

NATO offers free online cyber defence awareness course

Hacking Huawei – Defcon talk

Good article on memory dumping techniques

Sidejacking SSL cookies – this didn’t work on a VM I tried – but I didn’t play for long


Pwn2own goes mobile – big cash prizes

OWASP iOS developer Cheat Sheet

iOS backup guide

X-Ray – Android vuln scanner (DARPA funded project)

SiRA – Semi-Automated iOS Rapid Assessment

Sophos Free Anti-Virus for Android

Android vs iOS – Security showdown

 0-day (as of today) – Linux priv escalation – Use at your own risk!

MS12-043 Microsoft XML Core Services PoC

Metasploit NTLM Relay Module

opendlp tool – identify sensitive data on hundreds of systems (with screenshots – looks cool) – commercial service to crack PPTP VPNs (MS-CHAPv2) in 24 hours

[Smart Meters]

Open source framework for testing smart meters is released

OptiGuard – collection of tools to assess Smart Meters

Common Industrial Control System Vulnerability Disclosure Framework

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