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lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2012

Osa 2 - kuukauden parhaat tietoturvatyökalut

Jatkoa aikaisemmalle postitukselle, jossa listattiin kuukauden parhaita tietoturvalinkkejä. Nyt vuorossa parhaat työkalulinkit:

First - for everyone at hacknet (KPMG:n sisäinen tapahtuma) - especially the Red Team - this would have been useful - Joomla security scanner

For anyone who has got their hands on a RaspberryPi, Pwnieexpress have released a set of tools to turn it into a pwnie

PHP encoder to obfuscate PHP files (eg c99, r57 – shells on

Has anyone tried OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System)?

Truecrypt brute force cracker

Powershell post-exploit scripts

Opensource GSM stack

Automating SQLmap with data from wapiti

Cell network security holes

Incase you missed it – NMAP6 is out

Quarkspwdump – windows password dumping. Not sure what is new compared to other tools – maybe just the bitlocker stuff

Anti-virus evade tool

HTTP tool for testing client software

Linux local-user account brute-force cracking tool

Ethernet packet generator (from pcap files)

Firewire hacking tool – vulnerability is old – but the tool is new

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